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Prometheus Rescue_Star Streaker_tmcatronA furry little pet, space pirates, magic. The trouble is just getting started.

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After two months of hiding, Captain Rance Cooper has one thing on her mind. To get back into business. With dwindling supplies, an irritable crew, and a trouble-making pet, she can’t wait to get back to smuggling as usual. When an old friend contacts Rance and asks for help, the captain jumps at the chance for a new mission.

But when the Star Streaker arrives on Prometheus, pirates have surrounded the planet in a terrifying blockade. Dodging invading forces and panicked crowds, the crew must navigate a city full of danger. And hope they reach Rance’s friend before time runs out.

As Solaris drains his powers and the crew becomes weaker, Rance must keep everyone moving forward. Even if it means facing her own worst fears.

Join the Star Streaker crew in this new adventure as they battle a monster, an angry mob, and space pirates! If you like Firefly, galactic empires, wizards, and pew pew, check out the Star Streaker series. Includes a BONUS short story.

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About T.M. Catron

T.M. CATRON is the pen name of science fiction author Tiffany M. Catron. She also writes fantasy under the name Wilhelmina Kirk. A former teacher, Tiffany’s love of reading and literature eventually turned into a love of writing. She published the first book of her sci-fi thriller series, Shadowmark, in 2016. Since then, she has published two more books in that series, three books in another, various fantasy shorts, and is adding more to the list every month!

Her stories tend to include strong female characters (or those who want to be strong) and fun, twisty plots. Although Tiffany primarily writes sci-fi and fantasy, she enjoys a good story in any genre.

Tiffany lives in Tennessee with her husband, son, and three spoiled dogs.