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romantic thriller, crime thriller, suspense thriller, scifi thriller, alien conspiracy, science fantasyKill or Protect?

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Morse is a ruthless murderer, dangerous and daring. When he meets Toral, an intelligent, headstrong young woman with an easy smile, he knows he should walk away. Ignore her. Anything to prevent himself from doing something stupid.

But when you’re an alien-human hybrid, everyone is dangerous… even your friends. And Morse must choose between obeying his natural instinct to kill, or protecting the only human he’s ever cared about.

Unfortunately, no matter what he chooses, someone must die.

Jason Bourne meets alien conspiracy!

Hybrid is a standalone novel in the Shadowmark universe. This sci-fi thriller has heart and heartache, excitement and intrigue. Dark and intense, Hybrid will keep you turning pages until the very end.

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About T.M. Catron

T.M. CATRON is the pen name of science fantasy author Tiffany M. Catron. She also writes fantasy under the name Wilhelmina Kirk. A former teacher, Tiffany’s love of reading and literature eventually turned into a love of writing. She published the first book of her sci-fi fantasy series, Shadowmark, in 2016. Since then, she has published four more books in that series, three books in another, various fantasy shorts, and is adding more to the list every month! For a list of books by Tiffay, go here.

Her stories tend to include strong female characters (or those who want to be strong) and fun, twisty plots. Although Tiffany primarily writes sci-fi and fantasy, she enjoys a good story in any genre.

Tiffany lives in Tennessee with her husband, son, and three spoiled dogs.