Review: Illegal Alien

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These days, I have a hard time finding books that make me want to binge-read. Usually the story is fun, but the author’s execution is lacking. 

Not the case with Illegal Alien.

This is a fun read. The characters are snarky and intelligent. The plot is engaging. It’s well-written and well-edited. And every time I had to put the book down for something, I wondered when I could go back to it.

The story is about Audrey Vorkink, a snarky police detective living in Toledo, Ohio, who happens to be the first at the scene of a vehicle accident. But when Audrey finds one of the vehicles empty, she begins investigating the fishy circumstances surrounding the crash.

She’s certain that whoever disappeared from the vehicle would have had trouble walking away from the scene. The more she investigates, the weirder the case becomes. And then the case becomes more personal when Audrey’s home is broken into.

Side note: I know NOTHING about detective work, but the book feels better researched than your average TV show (thank goodness!), and it wasn’t bogged down by a bunch of silly theatrics. And even though the situations Audrey gets herself into have serious consequences, the humor keeps the book from becoming dark.

My only criticism for Illegal Alien is for the ending, which feels a bit anti-climactic. However, I enjoyed the book all the way through. It’s part of a series, so the ending leaves you hanging. I’ll definitely be waiting on the next books to find out what happens.

Watch out for:

There’s some language (they drop the f-bomb a few times), and some mild(-ish) off-color jokes. Although I know some of you reading this blog don’t like any language at all, I didn’t feel it was excessive enough to detract from the story. 

Best Part:

The initial mystery surrounding the car crash drew me in immediately. And the protagonist is just a lot of fun.


Illegal Alien is a fun, engaging read with MYSTERY… and an ALIEN!



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