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Excerpt: Prometheus Rescue

***Unedited: from Prometheus Rescue***

Rance stared at the small, enclosed emergency hospital chamber with dread. She hated tight spaces. The ship was fine, but something about laying down inside the chamber and having it close her in sent a nasty shiver down her spine.

“I wonder if I can just stick my foot in without having to lock my whole body into it,” she said after a moment.

“It might mistake your foot for a foreign body,” James said, “instead of the human appendage that it is. With that bruising and swelling, I wouldn’t blame it.”

“It’s smarter than that,” Rance said. “Deliverance, how do I fix a broken toe without getting into the emergency surgery pod?”

Text shot across Rance’s ZOD, her optic lens. 

Get Harper.

“Oh. Great. The smartest AI in the Empire has learned sarcasm.”

“I wonder where she got it from?” Solaris said with another smirk, reading Deliverance’s answer on the screen.

“It’s not sarcasm, Cap,” James said. “She’s telling us to get Harper.”


Forgetting the pain it would cause in her toe, Rance spun around to look at the screen. Another line of code was sitting on it, one that hadn’t shown up on her ZOD. “What does it say?”

“It’s jumbled up. Harper will know.” James strode out of the med bay, presumably to go get her.

Rance hobbled over to look at it, hiding her winces as each step caused pain to shoot up her foot. The top of her toe had turned a nice, nasty shade of black. Along with the swelling, James had been correct—it didn’t look much like a toe at all.

Solaris studied the code a minute. “Harper won’t know, either. It’s a bunch of gobbledygook—doesn’t make sense.”

“Is that the official diagnosis? Gobbledygook?”

“Best way to describe it.”

“So now you know code from a Tritonian sync?”

“I know a lot of things.”


Solaris turned to her. “Just because I don’t tell you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you know about Deliverance?”

“I don’t know about Deliverance. But I know code. And this is nonsense.”

“Let’s just wait for Harper, shall we?” Rance said irritably.

But Harper didn’t know, either. When she entered the med bay, her hair spiky as always, she tried to examine Rance’s foot.

“Look at the code first,” Rance said.

Harper studied it a minute, her frown growing deeper. She moved her head from side to side, reading it from different angles, and then shook her head. “Looks like gobbledygook to me.” 

Solaris shot Rance a smug look.

“Well, let’s figure it out,” Rance said. “I don’t want any hiccups on this tr—”

The ship made an odd humming noise, changing pitch from a gentle resonance to a harsh vibrato. The floor shook, and Rance gripped the table next to her for support, anticipating something worse. 

When nothing else happened, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“What in Triton’s fuzzy beard was that?” James asked.

And then the lights went out, clicking off all at once like someone had flipped a master switch. Screens blipped and went dark. Button lights faded black. The darkness in the med bay was complete.

Ready for more? Prometheus Rescue will be available June 2017! A big adventure, more fun, and a furry little pet…

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