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Snippet-Mysterious Hearts Anthology

Do you like Romance? What about Mystery?

If you answered yes, then you might like to know about a new Romance anthology called Mysterious Hearts. I’m not in this one, but in case you were looking for something different to read, check out this collection of romance shorts. Some of our wonderful Phoenix Prime authors are featured in it. And instead of just telling you about how awesome it is, author Ginny Clyde has graciously provided a snippet from her story. Check it out below!

Snippet from “Pies to Die For”

by Ginny Clyde
“I’m glad you’re here, Becky. I don’t want to lose any more of my children,” she said and began to sob uncontrollably. For a moment, I felt lost. I had never seen my mother cry like this before. She held on to me as if she would lose me if she would let go.

“Mom, it’s ok. I am here, and I’m not going anywhere,” I said, trying to reassure her.

“Where is he? Why won’t he come home? You did…but why not him?” she said through her hiccups.

“Sarah.” We turned at the sound of my father’s deep voice.

“I’m s-sorry, Paul,” she said. “I just can’t help myself. I’m not as strong as you.”

“Our daughter’s just come home,” he said in a stern voice. “Give her some time to learn the whole truth.”

I rubbed my mother’s back in an attempt to soothe her. My father was not an unkind man, but he always sought to keep his emotions in check, expecting others to follow his ways.

“It’s all right, Dad,” I said, trying to calm both him and my mother. “You can tell me what the cops are saying about Nathan.”

Coming to sit on the sofa beside us, my dad said, “They said the same thing that your mother told you last night on the phone. Nathan was supposed to be here to meet us for dinner five days ago. When he didn’t show up, we thought he had gone back to the city. We called him but didn’t get an answer. The next day, the cops showed up here to ask about him. They had found his car lying abandoned at the side of the road, his keys still inside.”

My mother straightened up beside me. “We called all his friends and everyone we knew,” said my mother, brushing her tears away with the sleeve of her nightgown. “We even called you, and when you did not answer, we texted you. I guess you took the matter lightly and said that you hadn’t spoken to him in a while. That’s when the cops decided that he was a missing person case. They are looking for him, and they will inform us if he’s seen anywhere around our town or the city, but they won’t be doing anything more than this.”

“But why? Why are the cops taking it so lightly? Can’t they track his phone or something?” I said, feeling a frustration building up.

“Your mother told you last night,” said my father. “They found his cell phone and wallet in his car.
There were no signs of robbery or any kind of violence. We had no evidence of Nathan being involved in anything shady. They told us that people often did things like this. One day, they just decide to leave the world they know far behind to start a new life.”

I slapped my hands on my lap. “That’s ridiculous! Nathan’s not the kind of guy who would do such a thing!”

My mother pulled at the sleeve of my coat. Looking at me with tear filled eyes, she said, “That is exactly what I told them, but they won’t believe me. I just don’t know where to look for him.”

The next moment my mother had broken down again. While she sobbed on my shoulder, I resolved to go speak to the police myself.

“Who’s in charge now?” I asked, turning to look at my father. He was a retired cop himself and kept in touch with his old colleagues with excellent contacts at the police department at Blue Spring.

“John Langston is the sheriff now. But don’t you go creating trouble for him now. They are doing the best they can.”

“Yes, but they have not talked to me yet. What if I have some information that can help them with the investigation?” I asked, not willing to sit by.

“What are you talking about?” he asked, his dark eyes narrowing at me. “What do you know that we don’t?”

“I don’t know,” I almost shouted back at him. “Did you guys know that he used to see a woman in Allenville?”

Both my parents stared at me.

“Did he have a girlfriend?” my mother asked.
“I’m not sure if she was his girlfriend.”

“What’s her name and where does she live?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that she lives in Allenville,” I said, biting my lower lip.

My father grunted. “What good will information like that do? You don’t know her name, and you can’t tell the cops where she lives. You don’t even know what she looks like. Nathan could have been seeing ten women in Allenville, and you wouldn’t know which one to point out.”

My fists were balled in anger. Standing up, I said, “It doesn’t matter. I’m going to see the sheriff and tell them what I know. I’ll let him decide if what I have to say is useful or not.”

As it was close to noon, I got into my car and drove towards the Blue Spring police station. I imagined the same kind of scathing remark thrown in my face by the cops there, but I had made up my mind to do all I could to find my brother.

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