Star Streaker, cappatter, space opera, space adventure, furry creature

An Oops.

AHEM. *Clears throat loudly, does walk of shame*

I have an announcement. Due to some… glitches (re: an oops on my part)… the original preorder for Persephone Evasion was canceled. A cappatter named Henry got into my calendar and fiddled with my dates. If you already paid, don’t worry! Amazon will refund your money. You’ll have to purchase the book again, though. I’m very sorry about that.

On the bright side, the book is officially completed! (yay!) Unfortunately, I had to set it up again with a new ASIN on Amazon, so it’s not currently linked to the rest of the series, but it will be later this week. Persephone Evasion will launch EARLY at regular price, but stay tuned for the new release discount coming in the next few days!

If you’d like a sneak peek at the first chapter, go here.

Here is the new link for Persephone Evasion. I hope you enjoy it!



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