Shadomark book 1, alien invasion, strong female character


Shadowmark Series, Book 1

A post-apocalyptic science fiction novel.

"Don't trust anyone, not even me."

Mina Surrey narrowly escapes alien invaders. Armed only with her wits, she vows to cross enemy territory to find her older brother. But Mina soon learns it only takes one mistake to be killed, or end up belonging to someone else.

Starving and broken, Mina accepts help from a complete stranger, Doyle. To her dismay, she begins to depend on the mysterious man who reminds her that society as she knew it has ended. In its place is a world of fear, mistrust, and base instincts.

Should Mina stay with Doyle when it means she must trade her morals for her survival, her compassion for security, what's right for what's necessary?

With characters you can’t help but love and page-turning mystery, Shadowmark is an action-packed thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.