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Star Streaker #1

Anonymous transporter sounds so much better than smuggler.

Rance Cooper would rather go to prison than marry Harrison McConnell. But that’s exactly what will happen if she doesn’t marry him. While sneaking home to find a new CO for her smuggling operation, Rance runs straight into Harrison. As a favor for not turning her in, he persuades Rance to hire Roote, a quiet man with an impressive list of credentials. But when ships from Triton, the seat of the galactic government, try to detain Rance’s ship at takeoff, she assumes Harrison went back on his end of the deal.

With pursuers close behind, Rance’s space cruiser jumps to a distant planet, only to find ships waiting there too. As enemy forces close in, Rance wonders why they are tracking her so far and so persistently. And why are they suddenly shooting to kill?

Will Rance be able to protect herself and her crew, or will she die in the attempt to escape the far-reaching grasp of Triton?

If you like the worlds of Firefly or Star Wars, galactic empires, and wizards, then this first book of the Star Streaker series will keep you turning pages to the end!

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