science fiction author, space opera, galactic empire, short story


Star Streaker #3

A starship, a proposal, and a stubborn heiress. What could possibly go wrong?

As the sole heir to the most powerful family on Xanthes, Devri knows she’s casting off tradition with her plans to become a starship captain. But it’s all she’s ever dreamed about. Fresh out of the Flight Academy and with a promising career ahead, the heiress is eager to finally live among the stars. But when her father announces her marriage to shallow, sweaty-palmed Harrison McConnell, Devri’s hopes and dreams collapse under the weight of old politics.

With equal parts determination and desperation, Devri struggles to set her own course. Will she abide by her father’s wishes to marry and carry on the family name? Or will she carve a new path, and risk exile?

In this prequel to the Star Streaker series, find out what a paper bag and canned fish have to do with Devri’s new name. Be there when she sees the Star Streaker for the first time. Discover a world of old customs, new beginnings, and defiance.

A quick-read short story.