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Star Streaker #2

The crew is back! Now all they have to do is stay out of trouble…

In this short follow-up episode to Solaris, the crew of the Star Streaker lands on another planet with no plan other than to lay low… and stay out of trouble. As part of this plan, Solaris arranges to meet another smuggler, a woman with chilling scars and a dubious past. In exchange for a cool upgrade for the Star Streaker, Rance agrees to transport a mysterious piece of cargo for their new contact. But when the cargo is opened, Rance realizes their small smuggling job has just become infinitely more dangerous.

With a new enemy in pursuit, Rance must decide what to do with their valuable cargo. Drop it and run, or risk the lives of her crew (again)?

If you like the worlds of Firefly or Star Wars, galactic empires, and wizards, then the Star Streaker series will keep you turning pages to the end!

A quick-read short story.