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The Mine

Shadowmark Origins, Book 1

A shadow in a field. A string of disappearances. The beginning of the end.

West Virginia, 1956. Seventeen-year-old Alice Peters is just an average girl—or maybe she isn’t. Forced to quit school and support herself, she becomes the first female miner in Springwater. And it’s not easy. Despised by her male counterparts, she sets out to prove she has just as much right to work in the mine as they do. 

But something is haunting the depths of the mountain, and the mists in the valley. Miners begin to disappear. Production halts. And Alice is blamed for jinxing the entire operation. No one, not even Alice, could guess the truth behind the strange things happening in Springwater. 

The mine has a secret. And it’s not of this world OR the next.

The Mine is the exciting prequel to the Shadowmark Series. Mystery blends with horror in a science fiction thriller that fans of multiple genres will enjoy. With a strong female lead and captivating storytelling, The Mine is a can’t-miss addition to the apocalyptic series!